Restructuring Advisory

  • Advised the senior lender to Heritage Homes Group, a furniture manufacturer and retailer, through a §363-sale process and liquidation of the company’s inventory.
  • Represented the senior lenders to an international manufacturer and supplier of chemicals and plastic products and led the negotiation efforts for a successful debt restructuring.
  • Served as financial advisor to the senior lenders of Copperweld, a manufacturer of steel and bimetallic products. RPA evaluated the company’s operations, management team and long-term business plan, as well as DIP and exit financing terms.
  • Served as financial advisor to the senior lenders of Al Tech Specialty Steel Corp, a manufacturer of specialty steel products, to evaluate operations, cost structure, business plan, and general viability of the Company.
  • Advised Jorgensen Forge Corporation, a manufacturer of high-quality, material grade forgings, in the implementation of a successful profit improvement plan and the refinancing its existing credit facility.
  • Represented RHC/Spacemaster Corp, a manufacturer of retail store fixtures and warehouse racking systems, to stabilize business operations, improve cash flows and position the Company for sale. Subsequently, served as the Company’s sell-side representation in a successful §363 auction process which led to a near par recovery for the lender group.
  • Acted as financial advisor to a non-public spring and wire manufacturer and successfully restructured the company’s senior and subordinated debt resulting in increased liquidity.
  • Represented the equity sponsor of Ormet Aluminum, a U.S. producer of aluminum, assisting in the financial planning and analysis required for the post-bankruptcy restart of the facility.

M&A/Capital Markets & Due Diligence

  • Advised the senior lenders to CST Industries through a §363 sales process which resulted in a par recovery.
  • Served as an M&A advisor to a non-public instrument manufacturer resulting in a sale of the company to a third-party industry buyer.