Financial Advisory & Business Planning

RPA professionals are adept at identifying the critical factors driving a company’s business and developing an effective plan which addresses both the risks and opportunities inherent to the situation. RPA provides its clients with a clear path to value creation and executable business plan designed to maximize value.

Our professionals assess key issues facing the company and identify forecast risks and opportunities in various types of restructuring and turnaround scenarios.

Cash Management

  • Perform a detailed review of the company’s short-term cash flow forecast and liquidity profile
  • Develop an effective near-term cash flow forecast model

Operational Assessment

  • Formulate a variety of detailed operational measures and strategic plans to assess on-going viability
  • Provide recommendations for cost reductions and rationalization of operations
  • Assess and enhance financial and operational reporting

Business Plan Development

  • Identify the critical commercial, financial and operational drivers of the business
  • Assess and challenge existing assumptions governing a company’s financial model
  • Develop a comprehensive financial model designed to accurately forecast all factors influencing the business

Other Services

  • Treasury services and reporting
  • Environmental liability assessment and solutions
  • Regulatory compliance reviews
  • Review of related party transactions